CALYXEUM is a female, minority-owned operation located in Detroit, MI with degrees in science, health, & technology, and 10 years of experience in Michigan’s growing Cannabis industry.



Calyxeum Products

Our intention is to expand our growing and processing brand throughout Michigan, adding a female touch to a female plant.

We intend to maintain a competitive advantage in this quickly expanding market by embracing and expanding the relationships that we have built and cultivated, much like our strains, since 2009.

  • Care & Quality

    Wholesale brand of organic, and responsibly cultivated superior-quality medical-grade Cannabis and edible products to dispensaries and providers in the state of Michigan.

  • Branding

    Build a successful and recognizable minority inclusive commercial cultivation & processing brand in a rapidly growing industry.

  • Compliance & Flexibility

    At Calyxeum compliance is a part of being a successful Cannabis business. Our desire to comply with local and state industry regulators as well as being amiable with change will allow us to maintain a strong competitive advantage.


Meet The Team



LaToyia R. Rucker is an Experienced Entrepreneur, Educator, Master Gardener and Native Detroiter. LaToyia has been featured on Detroit’s local WJR, and NPR’s Stateside along with her business partner, sharing industry knowledge and being a female in Cannabis . One of the first females to co-own a Medical Marihuana Licensing Clinic, and featured speaker at Michigan’s First Cannabis Expo. In 2014 she was selected by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business and currently is very active as an alumni. She was also selected by Bloomberg LP 10,000 Small Businesses Coaching Session in 2017. LaToyia is also the founder and owner of Kid Fit Childcare Centers with two metro Detroit Locations. LaToyia holds a B.S. in Biology from the Tuskegee University, a Master Degree in Education from Wayne State University, and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Capella University.



Rebecca is an Experienced Entrepreneur, Technology Professional, Cannabis Advocate and Native Detroiter. She has worked alongside the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California and The Michigan Regulatory Agency during the development of their Social Equity Program. She has served on the National Board of NORML, Committee Chair for the NCIA and has written community plans for applicants in Los Angeles and Maryland. Rebecca has launched a successful gym franchise, Cannabis technology consulting firm. Rebecca has also been featured at countless National Cannabis Conferences and has lobbied on Capitol Hill in DC, and the State Capitols for Michigan, Georgia, California and Maryland for Equity in Cannabis as well as Veteran Access to Medical Cannabis. Rebecca hold a B.S in Business from Florida A&M University, a MBA from Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago as well as a Masters in Supply Chain from Georgia Tech.

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Fastest Growing Industry

According to Leafly Editor-in-Chief Bruce Barcott. "Cannabis has essentially doubled its job count between January of 2017 and January of 2020. There is no other industry that comes close." Cannabis is the fastest-growing American industry, surpassing 260,000 jobs.


High Profit Margins

According to Business Insider "The US Cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The US industry is worth more than the GDP of 9 US states. Economists estimate the industry's economic impact could reach as high as $77 billion by 2022.


Experienced Team

10 years of experience in the legal Cannabis Industry and advanced Horticulture techniques. Overwhelming support from the local Detroit community including elected officials, community groups and professional organizations. Recognized for stellar involvement lobbying for Cannabis Social Equity and over 90% Patient satisfaction.


Ground Floor Opportunity

Michigan's Medical Cannabis Market is the second largest in the U.S. with over 300,000 registered patients. All around the country there is a Cannabis supply shortage because of the increase in demand and Cannabis being deemed as essential during a global pandemic. As a wholesale brand Calyxeum will fill in this supply chain gap. Our founders have already established relationships, purchasing orders and partnership opportunities because of their seniority and rapport in the industry.

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Calyxeum in the Community

Calyxeum's 501c3 arm Calyxeum Catalyst is a community focused initiative and one of our top priorities.

Calyxeum is 100% committed to making the surrounding community a better place for the citizens of Detroit. We are located in District 7, which is home to beautiful parks such as the impressive and immense Rouge Park. We are partnering with well known active and accomplished community organizations to create programs and employment opportunities making District 7 a better place to live.

It is very important to us that we beautify and positively impact the surrounding area by sponsoring nearby playgrounds, providing mentors for an afterschool program, and volunteering our time to educate groups such as the elderly and veterans. We also have plans to create tutoring programs at nearby schools and rehab vacant homes that surround our facility.

Calyxeum wants to have a lasting impact on our community. Our goal is to establish a non-profit arm that will provide training and education for Detroiters that are interested in the Cannabis industry. Our non profit's mission will also educate the community on the medicinal benefits of the Cannabis plant, the Endocannabinoid System and provide best practices and tips for healthy consumption.

Rehabilitating Dilapidated Homes

  • Purchasing residential homes in the same community as our Cultivation facility. We desire to rebuild these blight infested homes and replace them with shipping containers to house our after school program and classes. We have developed a tiny house community design that includes community space and improved residential homes.

  • Our community spaces will be designed using the shipping container model, which is cost effective and energy sustainable for our surrounding community. The containers will include classrooms, event space, a juice bar and coffee shop.

After School STEM Program

  • We will work with ages 10-17 tutoring in small groups on STEM subjects. We will also sponsor educational workshops and outings to expose the youth in the neighborhood to new opportunities and career paths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

  • In partnering with local Detroit schools and programs we will offer fun and engaging projects for children to explore STEM for example: rain gardens, artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual reality (VR) projects.

Workforce Development Program

  • We are developing and establishing curriculums to teach people of color and Social Equity applicants how to grow, process, operate a cannabis business, complete the licensing processing, accounting, marketing etc. We will provide end to end training on skills needed in the Cannabis industry supply chain.

  • Create an incubator model that assists Detroit legacy and social equity applicants with the licensing process and post operating best practices. Course examples will include:

    • Business plan development
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Branding
    • Fundraising deck and best practices
    • Real estate zoning and site plan best practices
    • Connections to local resources (architects, attorneys, marketing, community leaders etc)
    • Facility operation SOPs

Build Community Gardens

  • District 7 is filled with vacant lots of green land, we want to replace this abandoned land with produce filled gardens. The surrounding community will be trained to operate the gardens and have the ability to consume the produce harvested.

  • Develop recurring farmers markets.

  • Develop training programs to teach community members how to cultivate, harvest, and maintain a successful garden.

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